Re: Slippery Squid

From: Don Lewis <>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 1996 14:02:02 -0700

On Oct 9, 1:55am, Stan Dermanis wrote:
} Subject: Slippery Squid
} Hi all
} I have a "slippery" question for anyone caring enough to help.I am a
} teacher who helps provide Internet access and support for over 60 rural
} schools in Victoria Australia.We have a Sun netra i5 which has been "rock
} solid" for nearly a year now. Thankfully I have had to do very little
} techically on the server other than create accounts etc which is the way it
} has to be since I knowledge of Unix is very limited although its improved
} markedly over the last week.
} About a month ago our technical advisor (who is situated about 400Km away)
} suggested that we upgrade our proxy server so we purchased a new
} machine(Intel 166/128Ram 4GB) and it was configured with Solaris 2.5 and
} Squid 1.0.12 installed.Since it's introduction the cache serving has slowed
} down 50% of what it use to be.

Hmn, Solaris 2.5 ... did you install the TCP patch? I seem to recall that
there are problems using the stock TCP implementation over slow links.

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