Re: Major Bug in 1.1betas (rebuild cache)

From: <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 19:41:24 +0200

> >When I noticed this i conunted the lines in the 'log', and it
> >was about 160000 (don't remember exactly) lines as the 1.1b4
> >version said. But even though the 1.1b5 count was way off, it
> >did not wipe my cache.
> >
> Not _yet_! ^_^;;;
> I'm willing to bet serious money that a new restart or at least
> a crash/restart will cost you all that precious data.

Since it's evening over here, and most of my users are gone, I decided
to test this. I've just stopped and restarted my Squid-1.1b5, and my
cache was not wiped. Everything looked perfectly normal. So the only
time I noticed the inconsitencies in the line-count of the 'log'
was when I upgraded from 1.1b4 to 1.1b5. And I upgraded two identical
servers (SGI Challenger S running IRIX 5.3), only one of them had this
problem (the one I restarted just now).

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