Re: How to fix this?

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 18:36:21 +0200 (GMT)

Hi All

Duane - there is a note further down for you...

> >These are entries in my /var/log/messages that I really need help with.
> >I don't now why this is happening. Annyone out there please.

> >disk.c:203:^I file_open: error opening file
> > /usr/local/squid/cache/26/9526: (24) Too many open files

> If your client load requires more you might need to switch to a different
> operating system for your cache.

He is using Linux 2.0... It is possible to increase the number of open
files, but it aint easy, right off, unless you look here...

The standard number allowed is 256.

(libc is broken in older versions of linux (including RedHat 3.0.3)
You can fix it by putting the OPEN_MAX check before the getdtablesize()
check _Duane_ can you change this?)

If you want to know how to modify settings so that you can open more
filedescriptors, have a look at:

(Ok, so there is nothing else on there, really, but if anyone has
html format stuff that they think is worthwhile, and not the standard
LDP stuff, give me a shout)

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