Some persistent error messages in linux

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 20:50:02 +0100

I've been getting these error messages for ages, and assumed they would go
away eventually. The following appear _a_lot_ in my logs of my linux 2.0 box:

[15/Oct/1996:20:35:11 +0100] comm.c:559: comm_udp_recv: recvfrom
failure: FD 18: (111) Connection refused
[[15/Oct/1996:20:34:06 +0100] comm.c:559: comm_udp_recv: recvfrom
failure: FD 18: (95) Operation not supported on transport endpoint

(along with error receiving messages that are actually just a result of the
above). FD 18 is the UDP ICP port.

For the first error, I know Linux is odd that it returns ECONNREFUSED to
recvfrom (or so I'm told), but if that is the case, why was the select
handler woken up? Basically I'm wondering if this indicates a bug in the
select handler somewhere, waking up the wrong fd. I used to think this was a
bug in the old Linux 1.2, but since its still here in 2.0 I assume it isn't.

For the second error, this is potentially a kernel problem as a cursory look
at the source shows that this only happens when certain functions (like
recvmsg) are not defined for the protocol. But this shouldn't happen here,
as the operations _should_ be defined!

So has anyone any thoughts before I start trying to look further into this?
Squid 1.0.18 BTW FWIW.

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