Re: Cachesize 4Gig

From: Ralf Rudolph <>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 19:53:08 +0100

> I have set up a squid 1.0.17 cache on a Linux 2.0.12 machine. The Cache of 4
> GB size is stored on a separate partition (the whole disk is for cache only).

To sum up, I got the following tips and hints:

- Joe brought up the idea to use multiple Disks and Controllers instead of
one (I canŽt change this right now, but maybe in the future)

- Jonathan suggested to add Memory, Memory and Memory (I will look at the
performance, and if I need more power it is a matter of hours to upgrade to
64 Meg)

- Change Blocksize to 1K (Many Thanks to Gunnar - several weeks ago I
thought about that for myself, but then I forgot to do it...)

- Russel suggested to divide the 4GB partition into several (maybe four)
subdirectories, trying to keep the "number of files per directory" small.
IŽll keep that in mind, hoping squid 1.1 will be available when the load
gets bigger...

And then I got several other hits on setting up the ports and Domain name
and other stuff.
Thanks a lot to you all!

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