RE: DNS response times

From: Paul Borgermans <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 15:19:53 +-100


The Squid proxy/cache ( has its own caching dns server; no cascading of dns caches between cache servers, only locally. But it might be a good idea to extend squid with this feature.

Our Squid server (1.1beta7) gives a hit rate of 93 % on DNS lookups :-)




From: Andreas Strotmann[SMTP:Strotmann@RRZ.UNI-KOELN.DE]
Sent: 21 October 1996 13:52
Subject: DNS response times


having noticed (like many others before) that DNS lookups account for a
large share of the total overhead of WWW proxying, I fell to wondering:

Given that the Terena project is to improve proxying,
how about a sub-project to improve DNS lookup times?

E.g., how about building a backbone of very-high-level DNS "caches" (one
or two per provider) that pro-actively and cooperatively build and update
a database of (almost) all currently valid DNS entries? Sort of like a
newsgroup of DNS entries, I suppose.

A system like that should improve DNS lookup times a-hundred-fold...


Andreas Strotmann

PS: I have some statistics stuff to contribute. Was there an e-mail
address of the person collecting these?

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