From: Gary Lawrence Murphy <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 15:36:33 -0400


I'm hoping this is something very, very basic and can be fixed
very, very fast ...

I was forced by upgrade circumstances to add a proxy server and squid
looked like my best ticket, but it is not working very well. Everyone
can get to my local pages, but all external pages are returning
TCP_DENIED, and the callers are coming in fast and furious. What did
I do wrong?

My intention is to run a proxy server on port 3128 and a real
webserver on port 80 ... we have a setup which requires callers to an
MSDOS BBS to use a proxy server to connect to the web. I installed
Squid with the default conf file, and I can't see any obvious settings
which would account this problem.

I know it is maybe too early to ask, but is there a good source for
documentation for how to configure squid?

Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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