Re: Problem with auto. hit-only-mode

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 96 15:44:42 -0700 writes:

>Hi *Squiders*,
>I read this in our cache.log while I was testing something:
>[22/Oct/1996:17:43:36 +0100] comm.c:372: connect:
> (113) No route to host.
>[22/Oct/1996:17:44:17 +0100] comm.c:372: connect:
> (113) No route to host.
>[22/Oct/1996:17:44:17 +0100] icp.c:250: Failure Ratio at 1.11
>[22/Oct/1996:17:44:17 +0100] icp.c:251: Going into hit-only-mode for 5
>How can I disable this automatic switching into hit-only-mode ?!

At this point you can not, except for modifying the source.

Are you sure you want to? You realize it only affects your
(ICP-speaking) child caches, not your regular HTTP clients.
The idea is that if you are having connectivity problems, then
your child caches should somehow be told NOT to use you.

Duane W.
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