Re: Accessing wwwcache.hensa using squid (fwd)

From: Dancer <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 22:33:12 +1000

Martin Hamilton wrote:
> Anyone handling more than 3 million HTTP requests a day ? :-)
> Martin

I can't vouch for the figures that Questnet are doing, but we're
probably the smallest cog hanging off the Questnet proxies, and we put
on around 32,000 per day, easily. I imagine there's probably between 60
and 200 proxy systems hanging off them, putting much heavier loads on.
My office lan goes through one of the others, doing around a
quarter-million hits per day. (Yeah, busy lan, small office). Add a few
universities, some ISP's, their clients, and some companies..Like I
said, I don't know if they're doing >3M hits/day, but they could well

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