Re: 40% cache hit rates

From: Tai Jin <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 16:40:04 -0700

> >Speaking of 40% rates being "wierd" or "nice", you're going to *hate*
> >this; but our averages are 40-50% (50+% on the odd occasion, record is
> >well over 60% one weekend) on requests alone, 30-40% for traffic (TCP
> >bytes).
> We usually get 35-45% on requests, 40-50+% on bytes.
> >Our cache is only a midget at 1.3Gb. :-)
> Ours is a little bigger at 15Gb :-)
> >We found "tuning" of ttl's (after watching the most hit sites/URLs in the
> >daily stats) to do wonders for the hit rates. The number one site through
> >our main proxy is "" (surprise, surprise), with a 98+%
> >cache traffic hit rate (TCP bytes).
> This certainly helped us a lot as well. We've set to 12 hours
> ttl. How long do you give them?

Those are good numbers. I'd also like to know the size of your user
population, how long you set the TTLs (what is the distribution of
TTLs for cached objects), and whether users are reloading more often
as a result.

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