Multiple cache directories and cache_mem and cache_swap?

From: Steve Green <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 15:00:59 +1000


We have been running the Squid cache for a while now here at the CSIRO.
We are currently runnging 1.1-beta6 ( tried beta 9 but bad things
happened! ;-( )

I have 2 1200 MB partitions that I want to use as a Squid cache on a
machine with 80MB of RAM.

Two questions:

1. Do I set cache_swap to 1200 or 2400?

2. Do I set cache_mem to 24 or 48? Given that I want Squid to use a
TOTAL of around 48MB.

From my experiments it would appear that cache_mem is PER cache
directory, but the jury is still out regarding cache_swap. The size of
each cache partition never seems to get about 50%, which would imply
that cache_swap is TOTAL cache disk space. But there are other factors
which effect cache size, so this could be a totally incorrect

Any ideas?

Steve Green
Received on Wed Oct 23 1996 - 22:01:38 MDT

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