pwebstats vs squid

From: Steve Green <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 15:41:46 +1000

Has anybody had much joy with getting pwebstats to process squid logs?

I run the script, then run pwebstats in proxy/cache

It processes the cache.convert and proxy.convert files, builds the three
arrays, then stays processing for hours ( I've left it running for 19
once! ) and doesn't come out again.

The logs are 58000 and 157000 records long respectively, running on a
Sparc 5 with 80 MB of RAM.

The last message it spits out is "Building Remote Hosts/Accesses
Array...done.". In the code there is a sort after this message is
issued. I have determined that this is where it goes and never comes

Has anybody else had this trouble?

I can get around it by commenting out the sort, but this leaves out some
access statistics which might be handy.

Steve Green
Received on Wed Oct 23 1996 - 22:42:36 MDT

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