Re: pwebstats & squid common log file

From: Dancer <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 21:21:45 +1000

Kai Michael Kretschmann wrote:
> How can I use pwebstats for listing my
> proxy access with the squid common log files?
> Does anyone have a filter to split the cache.access.log
> into cache.log and proxy.log as expected by pwebstats?
> Or are there any other solutions?
> (at the moment I can't convert to the squid logging format
> because I want to analyze some older logs)
> wbr,

Here's what I knocked up. (Hey, I was in a rush)

cd /home/squid/logs

rm -f day.hits day.misses
fgrep TCP_HIT access_log.1 > day.hits
fgrep TCP_IMS_HIT access_log.1 >> day.hits
fgrep UDP_HIT access_log.1 >> day.hits
fgrep TCP_REFRESH access_log.1 > day.misses
fgrep TCP_MISS access_log.1 >> day.misses
fgrep TCP_EXPIRED_MISS access_log.1 >> day.misses
mv access_log.1 access_log.0
mv cache_log.1 cache_log.0

cd /root/pwebstats
./pwebstats -c conf/proxy.conf
exit 0
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