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From: Serge A. Krashakov <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 16:06:05 +0400

> Morten Guldager Jensen wrote:
> > I'm running 3 squid caches, two 1.0.10 and a 1.0.17. None of them is able
> > to access anything under:
> >
> >
> Awfully ugly page, isn't it :P
> > Try pressing one of the five buttons on that page, and you get an "Invalid
> > URL syntax"

> Perfectly fine here under Squid 1.0.17. What browser was being used to
> cause the initial problem? Check the URL that's actually being requested.
> In my case, I selected "GroupWise" and the URL requested was:
> GET,120
> Maybe the client stuffed up the request? Cheers..

I have multilevel squid system: local cache servers - squid-1.0.18 and
squid-1.1beta9, their parent - squid-1.0.16, and top level parent -
If I try GET,120
directly - everything is Ok, but if via both local cache servers or via
mid-level cache, I receive:

While trying to retrieve the URL:,90

The following error was encountered:
     Connection Failed
The system returned:
    (60) Operation timed out
This means that:
    The remote site or server may be down. Please try again soon.

But if my browser send request directly to top level cache, I receive
another message:

The requested URL could not be retrieved

While trying to retrieve the URL: /corp/programs/ncs/toolkit/nos.html
The following error was encountered:
     Invalid URL syntax
This means that:
    Please double check it, or ask for assistance.

I think there is some eroor in configuration or work of top level cache.

Serge Krashakov.
Received on Thu Oct 24 1996 - 05:11:52 MDT

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