regex not found ????

From: Mario de Mello Bittencourt Neto <>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 20:33:55 -0400 (ADT)

Hi all, I have decided to install squid.1.1.b9 at home (linux 2.1.5) and
it came out with this message :
mulder:~/cache/squid-1.1.beta9/src# make all
gcc -o squid -g acl.o async_io.o background.o cache_cf.o client_db.o
client_side.o comm.o debug.o disk.o dns.o errorpage.o fdstat.o filemap.o
fqdncache.o ftp.o gopher.o hash.o http.o icmp.o icp.o ident.o ipcache.o
main.o mime.o neighbors.o net_db.o objcache.o proto.o redirect.o
send-announce.o ssl.o stack.o stat.o stmem.o store.o store_clean.o
storetoString.o tools.o ttl.o url.o wais.o -L../lib -lregex -lmiscutil
/usr/i486-linux/bin/ld: cannot open -lregex: No such file or directory
make: *** [squid] Error 1

I did a find / -name "*regex*" -print and it came out with :

What could it be ?
(OK the libregex.a is missing, but why squid1.0 compiles ok ?)
Where can I get this regex ?

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