A cry for help MEMORY LEAK???

From: Kelly Shubert <kellysh@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 00:15:15 -0700

First of all... I'm lost :)

After trying several release and Beta versions of Squid I encounter the same
problem every time... I have never had a problem getting squid running but
it dumps core on me every time regardless of the version... The problem is
always reported in the cache.log file.. the error follows

FATAL: xmalloc: Unable to allocate 4096 bytes!

Squid Cache (Version 1.0.18): Terminated abnormally.
( I have replaced BSDI's malloc with the most current from BSD... this was
previously suggested by someone, mad no difference..)

Ok.. I ran our of memory right? The problem was it was only set for a
cache_mem of 8mb and a cache_swap of 40MB ... it grew to 32MB and dumped core...

I have a P166 with 128MB of ram running BSDI 2.1, I currently have the
datasize limited to 32MB.. but have tried it as high as 100MB... I've
tweaked and recompiled the kernel and my squid process just grows and grows
until it dumps the core and then respawns.

Here is an example of it running right now...
root 1764 13.7 22.6 30192 28732 p0 D+ 11:20PM 4:02.38 squid -s
root 6616 0.0 0.0 120 32 p2 R+ 12:00AM 0:00.02 grep squid
See the 30192? Thats a little more than 8MB... (notice it only took 40mins
to grow that much)

look at the cache swap
/dev/sd2h 1121725 31921 1033717 3% /usr/local/squid/cache
it only has 31MB... out of 40...

I see the cache_swap shrink and grow normally... I have never seen squid
memory size decrease.

Is this normal? Do I miss the point. I wish someone would point out how
stupid I am and give me the obvious answer (i hope i hope :)
Here is the real kicker... I have tried The commercial harvest cache..
(cached) and can run it for days without problems.. I just dont want to
spend the $5000 US

I appreciate any suggestions...


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