Squid returns the wrong GIF occasionally

From: Robert Davy <Robert.Davy@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 13:05:25 +1100 (EST)

We have squid 1.0.12 running on a Sparc20, Solaris2.5, 8Gbyte cache, 250,000
accesses per day. Last week we upgraded to 1.0.18. For the next two days
we started getting isolated reports about the wrong gif showing up on a page
where it ought not be when pages were accessed through the cache. This
culminated with a pornographic image apearing on the home page for a primary
school :-(. Needless to say we immediately reverted to 1.0.12 and everything
has been fine.

Looking throught the logs for the cases we could pin down (we only had about
6 reported cases over the two days out of half a million accesses) there is
evidence in the cache.access log that the size of the gifs are different to
what they oughta be:

incorrect size:
24/Oct/1996:09:04:15 +1000 5615 TCP_HIT/200/NONE 4131 GET http://f
24/Oct/1996:09:07:19 +1000 189596 TCP_HIT/200/NONE 8192 GET http://f

correct size:
31/Oct/1996:12:56:00 +1100 206 TCP_HIT/200/NONE 1538 GET http://freenet.actein.edu.au/PLMP/pic1/grball.GIF
31/Oct/1996:12:56:00 +1100 194 TCP_HIT/200/NONE 1278 GET http://freenet.actein.edu.au/PLMP/pic1/grball1.GIF

Another interesting thing to note is the large amount of time the incorrect
gifs took to arrive from the cache.

Anyone else noticed this problem? - I haven't been brave enough to try 1.0.19...


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