Re: Expiration scans...

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 96 13:06:17 -0800 writes:

>A quicky:
>With 1.1b10 I've seen a number of entries like this:
>96/10/29 07:25:43| Completed 3 full expiration scans of store table
>What does that tell me? The cache was nowhere near any threshold limits
>and cyclic expiration turned off.
>Furthermore with beta11++ I presume expiration will only happen when
>the cache is getting full, correct?

It scans the entire cache roughly every 24 hours, one bucket at a time.
It removes expired objects, ie:

    negative-cached objects

    objects which have not been referenced for longer than 'reference_age'

The 'reference_age' parameter is disabled by default, and alas undocumented.

The idea is to have reference_age be automatically adjusted to keep
the cache size between high/low water marks and avoid the need to enter
the emergency-object-deletion mode.

Duane W.
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