some log files aren't reopened on SIGHUP

From: Jake Donham <>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 1996 16:41:50 -0800


I'm trying to set up log file rotation with Squid 1.0.16. When I SIGHUP the
server, the debug and hierarchy logs are reopened, but the access and store
logs are not. Output continues to go to the old file.

In stat.c:stat_rotate_log() I see that a message is supposed to go to the
debug log saying that the access log is being rotated, but I don't see that
in my debug log, so I'm guessing that CacheInfo->logfilename == NULL.

Before I debug this any further, is this a known bug or has anyone seen it


Jake Donham
hacker, patriot
Received on Sun Nov 03 1996 - 16:39:28 MST

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