What's the difference between GET and POST ?

From: <Andreas.Lamprecht@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 96 16:51:11 +0100

Hello all !

I ran into a problem with POST requests today:

A new CGI application allows the sending of files to the Web server.
One user tried to send a real large file (3,5 MB).
Squid (1.1.beta10 and 1.1.beta13) says after a while:
  Unable to allocate xxxx bytes
and dies ...

Interesting messages in cache.log file are:

  parseHttpRequest: Expecting POST/PUT Content-Length of xxx
  parseHttpRequest: Found POST/PUT Content-Length of yyyy

  (yyy is smaller than xxx, this messages appears each time the
   handler is ready for reading)

If you copy the same file onto the Web server and get it with

  GET http://server/file

through squid, all works well without the memory allocation problem!

In both cases, i think, squid has to put the whole object into the
memory first.

Any comments or help?


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