Squish and MS-Internet Explorer

From: Bernhard Moser <bernhard@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 21:42:46 +0100


we have some troubles in using squid as a proxy/cache for the
MS-Internet-Explorer. Caching/Proxing of HTTP-Documents works fine.
But every time we want to do a FTP Access through squid the transfer
stops after downloading about 3-4 KB. The MS-Internet-Explorer ends
normal with no error message.

Our access Log says:

847225051.033 755 ERR_CLIENT_ABORT/200 1460 GET
http://www.netwing.at/wwwftp/explorer/win95/demsie30.exe -
847225051.253 139 TCP_HIT/200 3811 GET
http://www.netwing.at/wwwftp/explorer/win95/demsie30.exe - NONE/-

Doing an FTP-Transfer with Netscape works fine.

We tried out several versions of squid - with none of them a
file-transfer could be completed. Everytime after 3-4 KB the transfer

Any suggestions?

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