Re: squid-1.1.beta13 slowing

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 13:51:37 +0200 (GMT)


> I tried gnumalloc, but it didn't help my problem:
> Squid 1.1b15 response very slow (2-8s) quite often (some times per minute).
> We use Digital Unix 4.0A and ufs.
> I used telnet to run directly HTTP to be sure it's not client problem.
> I was only user of squid, but there was netscape proxy running on same machine.
> I repeated it localhost, it's not our local network problem.

If you telnet to the machine from another machine, (ie via the network)
do you connect immediately, or do you sit the a while before it says

> top shows that squid state is wait, when there is problems.
> iostat or vmstat didn't show anything special, maybe more idle cpu

> /v/net/> vmstat 1 40
> Virtual Memory Statistics: (pagesize = 8192)
> procs memory pages intr cpu

What about "strace -p <squid's process number>" (replace strace with
truss or whatever the equivilent is on your operating system...

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