proxy / firewall question

From: Neil C. Jensen <>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 23:25:47 -0800

I apologize in advance if this is self-evident, but I am unclear on a few
things regarding the use of Squid as an application gateway for http on a

I am testing Squid on a machine on our network and seem to have it working
well. Now I am considering using it as an http proxy on a firewall,
similiar to the TIS fwtk http proxy.

1. is an acceptable application for Squid (i.e. application gateway)? Is it
as secure as the fwtk http proxy?

2. I have tested it internally (not on a dual homed host) by setting the
port to 80, and using the 'httpd_accel' and 'httpd_accel_with_proxy' tags
to send http requests through the proxy to the web servers. Is this the
correct way to implement the proxy on the firewall?

3. we have a number of web servers (some virtual) running on the network. I
think I understand how to use 'tcp_incoming' and 'tcp_outgoing' to bind to
the necessary IP addresses on the firewall, but I am not sure how to send
the queries to the respective web servers. Is it simply a matter of using
the redirector script?

4. Any other pointers or things I am missing?

Thanks for a great piece of software, and thanks for any input.

Neil Jensen,
Habanero Studios Ltd.
Vancouver, Canada
Received on Fri Nov 08 1996 - 23:28:00 MST

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