Increasing stored cache

From: Terry Wood <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 15:04:20 +1000

Hello people,

Ive only just installed Squid on my personal linux 1.2.13 machine and it
seems to be working great.

I only setup the linux box as a local gateway for my windows machines and to
proxy/cache web data with squid, so i have set aside a fair ammount of space
for cached data.

I am having the problem? of squid seeming to clear out the cache from say
13mb to 3-4mb quite often, which is not really what i want. I want it to
store the data for a lot longer and build up a fairly big cache of say 100+
mb to speed things up. Obviously only updating changed files like it should
in normal use, and not purging them.

I am a newbie to linux/squid in general and ive gone through the config
file, but im a bit confused on what i should be changing. If someone could
let me know i would be appreciative.

Catch ya,
          Woody <>

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