Re: Returning stale objects to neighbours?

From: Christian Balzer <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 09:15:01 +0100 (MET)

Ernest Yik wrote:
>Hello Squid users,
>I'm using squid 1.1b19 in two machines (Linux 2.0.23). They are neighbours
>of each other. Call them squid1 and squid2. There is a stale copy of the
>object index2.html in squid1. When I access squid2 for this object, squid2
>will ask squid1 for it and get a UDP_HIT_OBJ, which is a stale copy (with a
>Last-Modified header of 10 days ago). When I access squid1 for the object
>directly, it will TCP_REFRESH_MISS and fetch a fresh copy from the parent.
> The two squids use the same refresh_pattern in squid.conf. Any ideas?
Yup, wait for Duane to fix this, I whined to him about this behaviour a
couple of times already. ^_^

Where "fix" might be a number of things, ranging from subjecting local
objects to local freshness rules before serving them via UDP (which would
fix your problem but generally be a bad idea, as the receiving squid should
decide what is fresh and what not) over serving the object with all data
via UDP and let the remote do the freshness calculation (should be fairly
easy to implement) to the (ultimate?) solution of specifying the wanted
freshness along with the ICP query, so only objects that are fresh enough
will be served...

Mata ne,


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