From: Juergen Preuss <juergen.preuss@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue Nov 19 00:43:28 1996

Is there any way to "misuse" SQUID as an FTP-Mirror ?

In servicing some 30 scientific PC-clients and some workstations
I've seen that most of the data of FTP-servers are out of date and
almost not used or only for the curious. If it would be possible to
create a virtual FTP-mirror, which would store and update the
directory structure completly and load the content along the rules
of squid-configuration; then many admins would free there harddisks
from file-waste and use this place for squid-cacheing. And some
powerful, local distributed and professional working ftp-suppliers
would stay in every providers net.

How about?

Best regards,
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