Re: Real Audio Permissions

From: Stefan Berg <>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 08:12:16 +0100


thanks for your reply. You wrote:

> At 19:50 19/11/96 +0100, Stefan Berg wrote:
> >Am going totally BANANAS here trying to get my Squid to allow
> >internal users to access external Real Audio servers.
> I like bananas. What's wrong with bananas may I ask? Do you have
> a problem with that?

Nooo, I love bananas too :)

> [etc.etc.]
> Simple. Don't use squid. This is because realaudio uses its own
> proxying "protocol" whereas squid is completely based around HTTP.

Ah, had a look at the Real Audio proxy, downloaded, and compiled.
Works like a charm. Thanks!

> And before you ask :-), you can't cache RealAudio as there isn't a way
> to detect whether somethings a stream or a file, and you do _not_ want
> to try and cache a stream!

Yeah, I figured that much from the discussion here lately :)


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