Re: Squid 1.1 beta Refresh model confuses me

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 96 12:00:02 +0100

On Monday 18 November 96, at 13 h 12, the keyboard of Stephane Bortzmeyer
<> wrote:

> From Squid 1.1 release notes, it seems Squid now uses a completely
> different way of storing files from remote Web servers.

Well, better read the code source and the release notes twice, I
understand it better, now. If you do not catch it, do as I did: spend a
lot of time watching cache.log with debug_options ALL,1 22,3 3,20 11,25
(do not do it on a production server, it is too talkative, setup a test

> It means, that, if we have a MIN_AGE of zero in refresh_pattern (as
> suggested in the sample config file), *and* the Web server does not
> provide a Expires header (the vast majority, see the output of
> stats/reply_headers), Squid will *always* issue a GET IMS
> (If-Modified-Since) request. (I indeed observe this behaviour on the log
> of Web servers.)

It was a bug. Actually, Squid with the last patches will *not* ask again,
at least as long as the factor of age/last-modified-age is small enough.
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