Re: Out of filedescriptors

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 17:17:13 +0000

On Fri 22 Nov, 1996, Jonathan Larmour <> wrote:
>Assuming the list got my previous message on the subject, then if you look
>back at it, as I said there is a problem on linux that squid is marking too
>many fd's as reserved (and gets the total number wrong too), as it assumes
>FDSET_SIZE==NR_OPEN. This should be fixed.

I think this original fix was Duane's reponse to a situation I had -
the system (in this case NetBSD) offered lots of file descriptors
(a total of 3404) per process, but select() breaks at 256.

There's also the Irix situation, where FD_SETSIZE is a default 1024
but can be up to 2500 (default Max fds per process).

In most cases, I think the problem is actually the inconsistencies
within the operating system - NetBSD certainly is at fault. Sounds
like you've got a similar problem in Linux.

-- jrg.
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