Re: What's the best configuration for this setup?

From: Robert (\rho) Barta <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 10:36:21 +0100

Kann man auf den Routern so etwas wie "dedicated bandwidth" fuer
eine Maschine (zB Proxy) definieren?:


PS: Ich mach mir ueber das neue Preisschema Gedanken. Wie schnell
    ist der Proxy in der Dieffenbachg. angebunden? 100MB, 10MB?

At 02:52 24.11.96 +0000, James R Grinter wrote:
>On Sun 24 Nov, 1996, "Dancer" <> wrote:
>>Bearing that in mind, I wouldn't mind seeing a 'virtual partitioning' for
>>squid bandwidth:
>I think this is where you ought to be using better networking
>technologies to accomplish this - Virtual Circuit approaches using
>either Frame Relay or doing something similar with ATM. You could then
>set aside a fixed bandwidth for Squid, that it can't use more; and also
>allow people to get better performance for web transactions by using
>your proxy (because it has that dedicated bandwidth).
>Obviously some code modification would be cheaper, but unlike throttling
>at the web server (as thttpd implements) when you're just the reader the
>other end can send things at a rate only controllable per individual
>incoming TCP connection.
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