Re: Support for cern like Pass/Fail proxy limits?

From: Russell Street <>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 09:42:23 +1300 (NZDT)


We did the same sort of thing here (CERN to Harvest to Squid)

> I can't seem to see any way to restrict or redirect URL's similar to Cern's
> Pass and Fail commands. Does someone have a plug in module that creates
> this functionality (and uses the exact same syntax as Cern :)? Possibly
> working with the URL Redirector in 1.1.beta23.

We use a Perl script as a redirector to implement our access policy:

- The only machines can use the proxy server are those inside our
network. (This is done by ACLs in squid.conf)

- Anyone inside our network can access any URL inside our network,
plus select few outside

- To be able to get to the world at large the IP address need to be
explicitly allowed out

The redirector reads two files

        - one of URLs that anyone can connect to
        - one of IP addresses that can access any URL

If the request is allowed, the redirector returns an empty line. If
it denied, the redirector returns a URL that runs a CGI script that
explains in words of one syllable why they have been denied.

The script(s) is available to anyone who wants it on request.

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