From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 21:01:32 +0000

At 17:24 25/11/96 +0000, Ernest Yik wrote:
>I have patched my linux 2.0.23 kernel according to
>, setting FD_SETSIZE to 2048. Now whenever I
>compile squid, warnings about redefining FD_SETSIZE will appear. There is
>no warning when FD_SETSIZE is changed to SQUID_MAXFD in squid1.1b21, but
>starting from b22 it is changed back to FD_SETSIZE.

Quick fix: in squid.h remove the lines where it redefines FD_SETSIZE. Then
underneath all the includes do a #define FD_SETSIZE SQUID_MAXFD
make clean, and ignore the warnings from now on.

>Should I just ignore these warnings, or I've done something wrong with my
>kernel patching? Thanks for all information.

Nope. It appears there are differences in the use of FD_SETSIZE between
OS's. Some define it to be less than they can actually cope with. Some
define it to be more than they cope with per-process.

The proper solution AFAICT is for Duane to make it OS-specific, since
nothing else can accurately tell. And don't use FD_SETSIZE to determine how
many files can be opened - instead use SQUID_MAXFD. i.e. do #ifdef
_SQUID_LINUX_ or suchlike. The alternative is that squid under some OS's may
break depending on how badly squid reacts to suddenly running out of
descriptors without notice.

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