From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 19:48:09 +0000

At 08:39 28/11/96 +0800, Francis Vidal wrote:
>hello... i downloaded a page from an hour ago, then i get
>get this message when i download it again
>isn't it supposed to be a _HIT or something? how long does squid keep the
>files by _default_ ? i have this entry in my squid.conf
> cache_host parent 3128 3130 weight=100
> cache_host parent 8088 7

It depends on the contents of your squid.conf and your parent's squid.conf. has no HTTP headers at all, so it is the default that
applies. It is the first parameter to refresh_pattern (squid 1.1x) or
ttl_pattern (squid 1.0x) that you should look at.

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