Cache-, not proxy-aware browsers?

From: Lars-Owe Ivarsson <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 08:39:23 +0100

When we first set up our Cern cache during the summer of '94, it was pretty
unstable at the beginning when we were experimenting with it. To make it more
useful I patched the code of my Mosaic so that if the cache didn't answer,
then it wouldn't bother with the cache for 15 minutes but talk directly to the
WWW server instead.

Is this a reasonable solution to alleviate the undesirably high dependence of
cache server uptime? Or is there some murky technicality that makes this an
infeasible approach? Does anybody know what browser suppliers think of this?
(I sent my patch to NCSA and received an automatic response that they had
received it, but after that I've never heard from them again.)

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