Expiration mechanism

From: Kolics Bertold, University of Veszprem <bertold@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 16:18:33 +0100 (MET)

Dear all,

I used Stephane's echoping package to test two sibling caches at our
campus. One the first squid-1.1beta28, on the other squid-1.0.22
is installed.
If I echoping the nasty http://www.microsoft.com/, I receive different
values for squid-1.1 and for squid-1.0:

for squid-1.1:
./echoping -h http://www.microsoft.com/ -n 5 tohotom.vein.hu:3128
Elapsed time: 29.551170 seconds
Elapsed time: 45.124003 seconds
Elapsed time: 21.201108 seconds
Elapsed time: 39.664328 seconds
Elapsed time: 41.987765 seconds

for squid-1.0:
./echoping -h http://www.microsoft.com/ -n 5 almos.vein.hu:3128
Elapsed time: 35.612190 seconds
Elapsed time: 0.580228 seconds
Elapsed time: 0.526058 seconds
Elapsed time: 0.603988 seconds
Elapsed time: 0.495300 seconds

I think that the behaviour of squid-1.0 is more appropriate in this case.

It would be nice to eliminate nasty HTTP server responses (e.g. where
Date: and Exprires: header are the same) in such cases when a certain
page is not generated dynamically.


 Kolics, Bertold E-Mail: bertold@tohotom.vein.hu
 University of Veszprem, Hungary W3: http://tohotom.vein.hu/~bertold
 Information Engineering Course
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