Re: Expiration mechanism - Slow proxy response...

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 96 09:43:49 +0100

On Saturday 7 December 96, at 0 h 35, the keyboard of "Walter Klomp"
<> wrote:

> Unfortunately I cannot get this echoping to compile on my system... I get a
> linker error stating that a certain library cannot be found, anybody a
> suggestion?

Yes: know your system (or change it). Different Unices have different
libraries. On many of them, all which is needed by echoping is in the C
library, automatically used. For some systems, echoping's Makefile
contains hints about the possible libraries to use. Since I cannot know
every system, I can be wrong for some. I would start with:

LDFLAGS = -o echoping -lsocket

or maybe:

LDFLAGS = -o echoping -lsocket -lnsl

> # make

Never compile an unknown program as root...

> Linking echoping with new echoping.o error.o readline.o writen.o util.o http.o
> gcc -o echoping -lsocket -linet echoping.o error.o readline.o writen.o util.o
> http.o
> ld crtbegin.o: can't find library libinet.a
> make: *** [echoping] Error 1

You instructed echoping to link with library "inet" but it doesn't exist
on your system (again: this is your system, not mine, read its
documentation and see what library to use).

> But I also agree that there should be a feature that a page, no matter what the
> expiry date is should remain in the cache and NOT checked for at least an hour
> or so...

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