Out of File-descriptors!?!?

From: Swen Mager <swen@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 18:28:34 +0100

Hello everybody,

today happened a really discourageing thing to my Squid...
I got an error message:

:The following error was encountered:
: Out of file descriptors
:The system returned:
: (22) Invalid argument
:This means that:
: The cache is currently very busy. Please try again.

The first thing i did was using the cachemgr-interface with the option file
descriptor-usage selected.
The server response showed me that all of 256 file descriptors are in use.

I'm using Linux Kernel 2.0.24 with Squid/1.1.beta20.

cat /proc/sys/kernel/file-max shows me that are 1024 file-descriptors are

How can I solve my problem?


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