Re: How to tell squid to frequently check if parents are still dead?

From: Serge A. Krashakov <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 23:21:26 +0300

On Tue, 10 Dec 1996, <> wrote:

> From time to time squid detects one of his parents as unreachable. The
> parent is no longer used and a DEAD PARENT entry is written in the log
> file.
> Squid doesn't recognize if a parent is reachable again. This results in
> a shrinking list of parents. After a time no parent is reachable at all
> and the users get a message like "No neighbors or parents ... ".
> squid version: 1.0.18
> os: solaris 2.4
> squid is run as proxy and accelerator for a CERN httpd 3.0

I have the same problem with squid-1.0.18 under FreeBSD-2.1 when our single
communication line becomes broken.
If I use squid without "inside_firewall" this leads to DIRECT requests
when line alives instead of requests to parent.
With "inside_firewall" this leads to impossibility of getting information.

Serge Krashakov
Received on Tue Dec 10 1996 - 12:40:07 MST

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