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From: Andreas Reeh <>
Date: 13 Dec 1996 01:46:00 +0200

Hi *Squiders*,

I have a little problem:

I have set up Squid 1.1 on one of my machines at home. This machine dials
up to my ISP and then connects my lan to the internet.
When I use Netscape on one of my machines and access the ISPs proxy (Squid
1.0.22, soon 1.1) everything works fine.
When I point Netscape to the proxy on MY router, which works with the ISPs
Squid as parent, I can get everything from it, but NO URLs which squid
tries to fetch direct from the source like those with "?" and "/cgi-bin/",
then I get a "no route to host" because my ISP only allows connections
through his proxy and NOT direct.

What can I do now ? Is there a way to tell my Squid to forward this
requests to the parent instead of fetching them direct ?


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