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From: Kevin Littlejohn <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 09:26:21 +0800


Yep, seen that one before - that happens every time I re-enable as a parent for our proxy server. I suspect they are
still a little overloaded...

Is it possible this would be caused by a server responding that it has the
page, making the TCP connection, then not actually serving the page up?
If so, that would explain it...

I'd love to see some way to fall-back from this sort of response, so if
someone says they have the page, then serves up nothing, we try direct or
try another proxy instead. I know that's a bit ugly proxy-network-wise,
but it would be a fix for many of us in Australia...


 Has anyone seen this come up in netscape before ??
 "This document contains no data"
 I am getting this error messages at random ... on all of my users I'm now 
running squid 
ver 1.1.0 which I thought may have rectified the situation but 
unfortuantly not.
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