RE: Cookie problem

From: David Lee {DSL AK} <>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 09:01:55 +1300

Thanks for your reply, Duane. Are you able to give any time-frame for
the implementation of the code necessary to stop the caching of objects
with cookies ?


>From: Duane Wessels[]
>Sent: Saturday, 14 December 1996 09:30
>Cc: David Lee {DSL AK}
>Subject: Re: Cookie problem & thanks
> writes:
>>Hi Squid Users,
>> .......(Text deleted)
>>Question: Is there a configuration parameter that will make squid 1.1.0
>>not cache objects containing cookies ?
>>If not, can squid be modified to not cache objects with cookies ? I
>>realise that this would mean scanning every object for a text string to
>>determine whether the object should be discarded or not, and would
>>therefore produce a significant performance impact. How about providing
>>configuration options to allow for the scanning of only the first x
>>bytes of each url that matches a set of regexp patterns ?
>Its easy to detect the cookies.
>Note that the current HTTP/1.1 draft doesn't say anyting about cookies,
>it seems to be a Netscape-ism. So there are no "official" guidelines
>to follow that I know of.
>I'd rather not introduce another option, but just make it the default
>behaviour to NOT cache responses with cookies.
>Simple scanning of objects on the NLANR caches shows that 0.9% of objects
>in the cache include the 'Set-Cookie' header. If you want to check
>your own, get
>Duane W.
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