Re: Squid Exiting ...

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 96 09:45:59 +0100

On Sunday 15 December 96, at 22 h 44, the keyboard of Peter Kelly
<> wrote:

> [root@terror /usr/www/squid/bin]# ./squid
> ../squid: can't resolve symbol 'mallinfo'

This is when your malloc library doesn't have the mallinfo routine (just
a printing routine to see the state of the malloc pool).

configure should detect it and exclude calls to mallinfo. So if it may be
a good idea to recompile Squid. Some problems can occur, for instance
when you link Squid against GNU-malloc (which doesn't have mallinfo) but
when another malloc is present. Squid detectes a mallinfo and tries to
use it. To avoid this, edit config.cache after configure and change to:


Why does it happen sometimes only? No idea.
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