Re: A More Aggressive Approach to Caching

From: Ernst Heiri <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 08:23:26 +0100

> One other approach to sites like would be to use caching
> software which can be set to ignore the wishes of the content publisher,
> caching material based on rules written by the cache administrator despite
> the wishes of the authors. Ignoring cookies and caching everything for
> administrator-set periods based on URL's regardless of headers is quite
> technically feasible. And do we really mind annoying Microsoft?

I agree with you!

As long as connections to other countries and continents are so expensive
we (cache managers) should try everything to "convince" unfriendly
sites to co-operate with caching proxies in the interest of the users.

What do you think about the idea to maintain a web page with all known
sites which are using unfair methods to prevent caching.

Ernst Heiri

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