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Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 12:00:04 +1200

>>> tekotago.smtp."" 18/December/1996 10:43am
>>> wrote:
>> > Hi Frank
>> > We are using both squid and http-gw on our firewall. Squid
>> providing the cahcing services while http-gw provides the
>> forwarding or our internal www servers to external sites.

>Hi Roger,
> Please, could you explain me in detail more about this?. We
> are planning to install a firewall (TIS-firewall-toolkit) and
> thinking in using a separate host for running squid and using it
> as a proxy for ftp and http instead of the TIS proxies.

> But if I understood what you said, you are running squid *and*
> the firewall in the same host?

This is correct.

> Regards,
> Diego.

I have http-gw configured as per instructions from TIS to answer
requests on port 80 of the firewall. This allow runs as a proxy for
http, ftp and gopher and can allow redirected access to http
servers behind the firewall.

I have squid configured to run on port 3128 as per the default

As http-gw and squid are using different ports there are no

Coincidently, I have a httpd running on yet another port to allow
cachemgr.cgi to run.

Roger Gill.
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