Re: Transparent caching

From: Paul <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 09:29:34 +1100

In message <v02110109aeddeaee4e69@[]> you write:
> Does anyone know transparent-cache implementations in software, or is
> anyone working on something like that? (Other than the Interceptor).
> 75% of our network-traffic goes to personal users who dialin with PPP, of
> which probably 90% is either ftp or http. Setting up a transparent cache
> can save us thousands of dollars every month (at $0.30 USD for every
> megabyte).

It would be more normal to block http at the router, except when it
comes from your dedicated cache machine. This forces everyone to use
your cache, anyway. I don't know that caching ftp will pay off; you
might as want to let that be. You can get stats on the return you
might expect from places listed on `'.


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