Re: Transparent caching

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 08:28:12 +0200 (GMT)


> Transparent caching really would be a poor solution. But if you have to, you

> could maybe use a linux box with its transparent proxy features. Then you'll
> have to change the request as it comes in from e.g. GET /fred.html to GET
> http://host/fred.html using the IP address to determine the "host" part.
> Then send that to squid running as normal on e.g. port 3128.
Why do this? You would then have to re-write the non-blocking code or run some
process from inetd.

Rather hack squid a bit to figure out which socket it is accepting the socket
on and translate "GET /hello.html HTTP" to

> But I don't know anyone who's done this, so you'd have to write it yourself.
I have something like the thing you mentioned above somewhere (it runs a
process which then spawns off other processes with each connection) It's
going to raise your load average though...


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