Re: Netscape 16 bits and squid (again :-))

From: Goncalo Valverde <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 14:17:54 +0100 (MET)


On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Karl Ferguson wrote:
> At 12:44 PM 1/2/97 +0100, Goncalo Valverde wrote:
> > "Unknown Status Reply From Server: 0!'"
> > The strange thing is that this only happens with the 16 bits version of
> >Netscape and after ive made the upgrade from 1.0.20 to 1.1.0 .. any ideas?
> I take it you havent got a neighbor set up using squid as well? If so, try
> taking the entry out of your squid.conf and see what happens (I'm led to
> believe that only of a neighbor using squid 1.1.beta26/27 was set up it
> happened...)

 No :-). Duane already asked me that (but my reply was lost in the outage
that the mailing list suffered..
 No neighbors so it cant be that .. :-/.. From what i figured out until
now the problem only appears when you click in a link, if you type the URL
in the location box the problem doesnt appears.... i would point to a
problem with the 16bit version of Netscape if this also hapened with squid
1.0.20.. but it didnt (well, i can always tell people to upgrade to
Windows 95 but thats not much of an option..)

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