Re: Any way to get ftpget to use PASV mode?

From: Joe Ramey <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 10:50:59 -0600

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   From: Jaye Mathisen <>
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   Would help when firewalling on the proxy server. Any tips on good
   firewall settings for a proxy server welcome as well.

PASV is used by ftpget. See this comment in ftpget.c:

 * PASV vs. PORT
 * -------------
 * As of v1.4 pl1 we try to use PASV to make the data connection
 * before using PORT. PASV is more firewall-friendly. At least
 * one ftpd has been found which does not support PASV:
 * Because we fall back to PORT, users behind
 * firewalls may be confused as to why that site would fail.
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