From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 97 09:20:44 -0800 writes:

>On Thursday 9 January 97, at 8 h 35, the keyboard of Toens Bueker
><> wrote:
>> Where is that value given. I worked all through cachmgr but I couldn't
>> find a 'average service time' value.
>stats/ipcache (IP cache contents):
>dnsserver avg service time: 1105 msec
>(Yes, poor connectivity)
>(Why not in "stats/dns"? I don't know.)

Its because the data structures of dns/ipcache/fqdncache are hooked
up in wierd ways. You'll also find 'dnsserver avg service time'
under the FQDN cache stats. Might be interesting if the two
service times are vastly different.

Duane W.
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