Re: Blocking Calls and dnsserver avg service

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 97 14:38:18 +0100

On Tuesday 14 January 97, at 14 h 4, the keyboard of Torsten Sturm
<> wrote:

> "Blocking calls to gethostbyname(): 4"

(Squid always perform a few blocking gethostbynames, I have 2 on my site.)

> Should we even run a separate named on the squid machine ?


> Background: We are experiencing strong delays for our customers in times
> of heavy load. But where can I find out, if the delay is caused by our
> parent squids, by our squid itself, or by slow hardware ...?

Slow hardware: try other things when Squid works heavily and when it
doesn't. If the response times of these other things (cp on the Squid
directory, ftp of a large file, etc) is the same in both cases, then it
is likely your hardware doesn't limit you.

Also, to test the network: see if the response time is faster when the
page is in the cache (it should, otherwise, your network works but your
cache has problems).

Parent Squids: disconnect them for some domains (cache_host_domain) and
see if it's faster.

Squid is a huge program, typically operating under very heavy load and it
stresses a lot the machine, the operating system, the libraries, etc.
What is your configuration?
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